Child Support - Statutory Factors


Under Rule 5:6A, the Child Support Guidelines are applied by the court whenever an application to establish or modify child support is filed. The guidelines may be modified or disregarded by the court only where good cause is shown. The guidelines are set forth in Appendix IX-A of the Rules Governing The Courts of New Jersey [Pressler, Current New Jersey Court Rules, (Gann)]. Appendix IX-A begins at page 2079 in the 2000 Edition.

These factors are to be considered in determining child support in those cases where the Child Support Guidelines are not applicable.

  1. Needs of the child.
  2. Standard of living and economic circumstances of each parent are as set forth in the foregoing discussion.
  3. All sources of income and assets of each parent are as set forth in the foregoing discussion.
  4. Earning ability of each parent, including educational background, training, employment skills, work experience, custodial responsibility for children including the cost of providing care and the length of time and cost of each parent to obtain training or experience for appropriate employment as set forth in the previous discussion.
  5. Need and capacity of the child for education, including higher education.
  6. Age and health of the child and each parent.
  7. Income, assets and earning ability of the child.
  8. Responsibility of the parents for court-ordered support of others.
  9. Reasonable debts and liabilities of each child and parent.
  10. Any other factors the court may deem relevant.

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