Equitable Distribution
The Appellate Division issued an unpublished decision, 20-2-9712 Wadhwa v. Sethi.  At trial, the court found that the husband had dissipated over $350,000 via transfers to his family in India prior to the divorce complaint, and ordered reimbursement. The Appellate Court agreed that the wife was entitled to a reimbursement of many transfers as sufficient evidence was presented that the transfers were made for the purpose of depriving the wife of the funds.  However, testimony at trial showed that a portion of the funds paid for a family member's wedding, which both parties attended and enjoyed prior to major marital strife, and the trial court also determined that checks to India and small ATM withdrawals constituted dissipation, even when there was no testimony of arguments or marital strife.  The Appellate Court found insufficient evidence to support the assumption of dissipation and  remanded the issue back to the trial court, together with the issue of the Husband's significant premarital assets, suggesting that he may have been entitled to dispose of these funds as he saw fit without it constituting dissipation of a marital asset.