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Family Assets - Courts view a stay-at-home spouse as contributing to the family's assets. As such, if your spouse's assets or business has increased in value during the marriage, you may be entitled to a percentage of that growth upon divorce.

Family Law

Family Law is the label for a broad spectrum of legal issues. They include: prenuptial or pre-marital agreements, reconciliation agreements, mid-marriage agreements, divorce, custody, income determination, child support, alimony, equitable distribution of assets and debt, valuation of assets including businesses, personal property and real property, temporary and permanent restraining orders, post-judgment or post-divorce alimony modification, child support modification and changes in custody. Click on each of the following for more information:

Amicable Resolution - Collaborative Law and Mediation
Child Custody
Child Support
Equitable Distribution
Prenuptial Agreements, Reconciliation Agreements, and Mid-Marriage Agreementst
Restraining Orders
Post - Divorce Matters